Below you will find a list of volunteers who are happy to help in any way that you might need if  you are confined to the house. Fetching groceries, collection prescriptions, dog walking, we are here to help.

JILL AVENT 07971 410339

JULIE BIRCHER 07434 940220

SUE REED 07794 172499

IAN MORTIMORE 01629 636826

LORNA FRANCIS 07976 824511

LISA DAY 07594 045141

SUE LEWIS BLAKE 07773 385820

GILL WOODHOUSE 07806 500539

MICHELLE HAYES 07484 177076

FIONA SIMCOCK 07759 143561

SOPHIE & RICHARD WOOD 01629 636333

NEILL CORDON 07791 405859

REBECCA MOOR 07813 788039

SUE FOGG 07768 451980

PENNY BROOKS 07951 132506

MARK HOPKINSON 07887 948241

NADIA BARKE 07794 021209

PHILIPPA LLOYD 07810 217563

CHRIS COULTAS 07735 006209

CHARLIE WATSON 07739 468351

GEOFF WILLIAMS 01629 636418

JONATHAN REED 07976 871734

JANICE KINGSTON 07920 572857

NICK MOOR 07730 001075


KATE & NICK COPLEY 07880 510182

ISOBEL DAY 07927 951715

JAMES MOOR 07526 143741

MOLLIE MILTON 07751 816145

HILARY CAMPBELL 07702 409829

TONY & SUSIE  TYSOME 07929 205259

DAVE FRITH 07748 271642

*GED WARD 07817 555700

*LAURA HURFORD 01629 734469

*HARRIET RICHARDS 07913 103632

*CHARLIE NEWLAND 07882 987551

*  People are from Warren Carr


This page has been set up to include information which might be of assistance to villagers in the current Coronavirus outbreak - such as where to get help with  supplies  etc.  More information will be added over the coming days.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for content (coppockalan@gmail.com).

You will all now have been saturated with information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Now, we all hope that every one of us gets through the pandemic safely but some of us because of age and or underlying medical conditions and others of us who may take ill will have to self isolate. So, if and when this happens how do we get the basics we need to keep going until we are well?

Some of us have launched a little initiative to help if necessary supported by our Parish Council. We have created a list of volunteers who are willing to go and get the basic items that you may need if you are confined to the house. By basic we mean the obvious things such as bread and milk etc and also prescriptions and dog walking. We aren’t anticipating collecting your takeaways.....None of us is trained in any way to offer advice to you.  We are just pairs of hands to help out when we can.  We will leave what you request at a mutually agreed placed on your premises and let you know what is owed. I’m sure we can settle up once we are all well.

You should all by now have received a postcard letting you know what we are trying to do. The postcard provides a list of those people volunteering for this initiative at the time of printing. The list has now grown and latest version is given below.   Please make the call and get help if you need it.

Please follow all advice and stay isolated when necessary. Keep well and see you all on the other side of this.

Sue and Jonathan Reed

For advice visit: www.nhs.co.uk

For advice on social distancing and for vulnerable people visit: www.gov/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-on-social-distancing-and -for -vulnerable-people

This list will change and very effort will be made to keep it up to date. This will be published on the village website www.stanton-in-peak.co.uk

If you would like to volunteer please contact: 

Sue on sue.reed@w3z.co.uk  or  Jonathan on jonathan.reed@w3z.co.uk