Stanton Christmas Artisan Market

Stall Holders

In Stanton in Peak, we are so lucky to have multiple small businesses operating from the village and surrounding areas. Jewellers, painters, potters, designers and candle makers to name a few.

I am one of these small businesses.


We had the idea to bring together and showcase this talent in the form of a Christmas market, bringing the community together as well. It was successful on many fronts. 


After wonderful feedback and despite current difficulties, we are inspired to hold The Christmas Market again in a safely considered environment.


If you are a local creative selling hand crafted products, we would be delighted if you would like to showcase your work with us.




Discover the businesses that showcased their work last year.

...and many more


The market will run from 11am to 6:30pm, Saturday 28th November, in front of The Flying Childers, Stanton in Peak. Time slots for setting up will begin from 9:30am.


Each stall will be positioned at least 1m+ away from any other stall or attraction. They will be covered by a gazebo or marque and will be lit. You are welcome to bring extra lightning (ideally battery operated as access to electricity is limited with the wide spread of stalls). There will be one chair behind each table and we will provide you with a visor.


There is free parking available just up the road from the market. Each stall holder will be given a staggered time slot to pull your car next to your stall and unload before moving your car to the allocated parking spaces.


We will have access to the pub and their toilets, tap water etc, they also do delicious lunches! There will be a charity stall selling tea, coffee, mince pies etc and fire pits dotted around to warm up next to.



We are charging £15 to be part of the Stanton Artisan Market. 

£15 covers the cost of your stall (one business per stall) and your online designer profile.

This year we have taken the market partly online. This ensures that all of the information and regulations can be kept up to date, visitors and stall holders can book online and we can track and trace easily. We are also setting up a 'designer profile' which will be kept on the website all year. The advertising of the market will direct visitors to our new website, giving those who don't feel able to venture out at the moment the opportunity to explore your business and direct them to your shops/ contact information.


The cost of your stall will go towards the setting up and running of the website.

Refreshments and raffle store will be run to raise money for our village projects, this year the renovation of the cricket pitch pavilion.

Entrance to the market is free.

Covid19 Safety

Stall Holders:

This year the stalls will be placed over two sites. Site A, where the market was held last year, is in front of The Flying Childers. Site B is a few metres down the hill in a court yard. These two sites provide easy access to each other and will be sign posted. Mulled wine, beer etc will be sold from The Flying Childers (site A ) and teas, coffee, mince pies etc will be sold from site B.

Every stall will be placed at least 1m+ apart from the one next to it and will be under cover.

You will have a chair with each stall.

You will be given a time slot to unpack your cars with everything you need for your stall, these will be staggered.

Every stall holder will have to wear a visor behind their stall, this will be provided for you.

Please bring a mask to wear as you move around the market.


Wearing a mask will be mandatory for visitors and only one bubble to a stall at a time.

Visitors will have to book their time slot to attend the market ahead of time.

We will create a one way system for visitors to view your stall.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via


Thank you for your application, we will be in touch soon

Please email 3 images that best represent your work to me at

This could be a WeTransfer if your files are too big.

Thank you!

Thank you for your application.

Once it has been reviewed we will be in touch, you will then be asked to pay your £15 to secure your stall.

Applications close Wednesday 18th November.